Shabbos Project 2022 Report for the Chief
Branding, Editorial Design
Refreshed Branding and Marketing for Amud Yomi Chabad
Graphic Design, Branding, Web Design
Cutting-Edge Website for YLTY
Web Design, Graphic Design, Branding
Project TOMiM Curriculum Teacher's Guide
Editorial Design, Branding
Shabbat. A Day to Create Yourself
Typography, Type Design, Editorial Design
Gratitute In an Age of Entitlement Book Design
Graphic Design, Editorial Design, Typography
Darkhei Noam Synagogue Logo and Branding
Graphic Design, Branding
Chabad House of Caufield Synagogue Logo and Branding
Graphic Design, Branding
Moshiach Days Stickers Concept
Graphic Design, Branding
Or Africa Branding Concept 2 - Style Scape
Branding, Logo Design, Typography
Or Africa Branding Concept 1 - Style Scape
Branding, Typography, Logo Design
Kabbalat Shabbat - Jewish Prayer Booklet
Typography, Editorial Design
Chabad of RARA Mail out and Mitzvah Tank Sign
Illustration, Graphic Design, Copywriting
Chabad of RARA Sticker Sets
Graphic Design, Copywriting, Illustration
Gate of Trust Bitachon Journal
Graphic Design, Product Design, Typography
Chayenu Inc. Onboarding Booklet
Editorial Design
Jewish School Cricket Festival
Graphic Design, Copywriting, Branding
Chabad SOLA's Rambam Campaign
Graphic Design, Branding, Copywriting
The Jewish community of Louisville, Kentucky
Graphic Design, Typography, Editorial Design
South Africa's Unity Torah
Graphic Design
Chabad of Sandton 40th Dinner & Celebration
Graphic Design, Branding, Typography
Chabad of Sandton - Celebrating 40 Years Event Journal
Graphic Design, Typography, Branding
Chabad of Sandton Yom Tov Magazine
Graphic Design, Editorial Design
Tzedakah Box Design- For Cheder Lubavitch
Graphic Design, Product Design
The Shul of Bal Harbour Newsletter Template
Graphic Design, Branding
Tamim Children's Siddur
Crafts, Typography, Painting
Pantry Packers DIY Tzedaka Box
Graphic Design, Interaction Design, Illustration
15 Step Pesach Seder Guide
Graphic Design, Illustration
Laminated Prayer Cards
Graphic Design, Illustration, Typography
Back to Basics Sichos
Graphic Design, Typography
Yeshivas Lubavitch Tiferes Yisroel Fundraising Brochure
Graphic Design, Typography, Branding
Rachav Animation Videos
Illustration, Animation, Sound Design
Shabbos: The Inside Story
Editorial Design, Graphic Design, Typography
Rabbi Tanzer Legacy Sefer
Typography, Graphic Design
Yeshivas Lubavitch Tiferes Yisroel - Logo & Branding
Graphic Design, Branding, Icon Design
Lift Magazines
Editorial Design, Illustration, Typography
Jewish General Knowledge Book and Cards
Graphic Design, Type Design, Typography
Chayenu 19 Kislev Gemorah
Visual Effects, Motion Graphics, Advertising
Machon Smicha Web Design
UI/UX, Web Design, Graphic Design
Light for Peace Social Media Campaign
Branding, Web Design, Advertising
My First Jewish Reader Book Design
Illustration, Editorial Design, Branding
Animal Defenses Playing Cards
Graphic Design, Illustration, Copywriting
Yeshiva Schools
Illustration, Advertising, Graphic Design
Tashbar Student Magazine
Editorial Design, Graphic Design
Chumash Classroom Posters
Graphic Design, Illustration, Advertising
Veladoras X Keith Branding
Graphic Design, Branding, Packaging
Colel Chabad #MentchUp Campaign
Type Design, Editorial Design, Copywriting
Hakfar magazine
Editorial Design, Graphic Design, Type Design
The Ruth Destiny
Illustration, Animation, Motion Graphics
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