Print Design

Whether it's a print advertising campaign, a brochure to let people know what you do, a magazine to keep your community in the loop or a capital fundraising brochure, you'll be glad that you chose to work with us.

Impact Report
Copywriting, Branding, Editorial Design
Siyum HaRambam
Advertising, Graphic Design, Branding
Hamakom Impact Report
Editorial Design, Copywriting, Branding
Chabad of Bayview - Yizkor
Copywriting, Editorial Design, Graphic Design
My Bitachon Journal from Chayenu
Illustration, Editorial Design, Education
Yom Kippur Booklet 23
Type Design, Branding
7 Laws of Noah in 4 Languages
Graphic Design, Copywriting, Type Design
Shabbos Project 2022 Report for the Chief
Branding, Editorial Design
Chumash Classroom Posters
Graphic Design, Illustration, Advertising
Animal Defenses Playing Cards
Graphic Design, Illustration, Copywriting
Pantry Packers DIY Tzedaka Box
Graphic Design, Interaction Design, Illustration
Chabad of RARA Sticker Sets
Graphic Design, Copywriting, Illustration
Chabad of RARA Mail out and Mitzvah Tank Sign
Illustration, Graphic Design, Copywriting
The Shul of Bal Harbour Newsletter Template
Graphic Design, Branding
The Jewish community of Louisville, Kentucky
Graphic Design, Typography, Editorial Design
Chabad of Sandton Yom Tov Magazine
Graphic Design, Editorial Design
Chabad of Sandton - Celebrating 40 Years Event Journal
Graphic Design, Typography, Branding
Tzedakah Box Design- For Cheder Lubavitch
Graphic Design, Product Design
Lift Magazines
Editorial Design, Illustration, Typography
Yeshivas Lubavitch Tiferes Yisroel Fundraising Brochure
Graphic Design, Typography, Branding
Tashbar Student Magazine
Editorial Design, Graphic Design
Hakfar magazine
Editorial Design, Graphic Design, Type Design
Laminated Prayer Cards
Graphic Design, Illustration, Typography
Colel Chabad #MentchUp Campaign
Type Design, Editorial Design, Copywriting
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